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At Angulo Diaz Law Group, P.A., we have attorneys dedicated to estate planning, trust administration, probate litigation, guardianships, and business succession planning. We are known for providing trustworthy, legal, and fiduciary services to individuals, families, and foundations throughout the greater South Florida region.

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Estate Planning

The attorneys at Angulo Diaz Law Group, P.A., are able to advise our clients on the basics of estate planning and disability planning, including writing a will, setting up a trust, and establishing power of attorney for medical decisions.

Trusting your estate plan to Angulo Diaz Law Group, P.A., means nothing is left to chance and no asset is left unaddressed. The attorneys are our firm strives to accommodate our client’s goals with a myriad of strategies to address every issue and concern.

After a death in a family, or after the death of a business partner, the guidance, advice, and counsel of an experienced probate Attorney is an essential tool that will ensure that assets are transferred according to the law and in accordance with theå decedent's wishes. At Angulo Diaz Law Group, we provide the experienced, dedicated, and reliable legal counsel you need during this difficult time.

We handle all aspects of probate and estate administration, including but not limited to:

  • Validating a Will, if there is one, and resolving Will contests
  • Obtaining court approval of the named Personal Representative
  • Filing all notification requirements
  • Collecting assets and Inventory of the Estate
  • Paying remaining debts and disputing creditor claims as necessary
  • Resolving probate or trust litigation as it arises
  • Preparing a final inventory and estate administration closing documents
  • Distributing assets and inheritance to named beneficiaries (or to beneficiaries in accordance with the intestate statute if there is not a valid will)



A Trust can be one of the most important estate planning tools used by a person or family. A Trust changes ownership of assets in ways that allow for ease of management and transfer upon the passing of the person(s) involved in the Trust.

Our attorneys can be the difference between accomplishing the goals of the Grantors and losing a majority of principal to legal fees, maladministration, and mismanagement. Similarly, choosing the wrong attorney to represent the Trustee during the administration or final termination of the trust can render negative results. Experience, diligence, and efficiency are all


A guardianship is the process through which, a person obtains legal authority to make decisions for another person who cannot make determinations for himself or herself.

There are two parts to the guardianship process. First, the determination of incapacity, and then the appointment of a guardian. Once a person is determined incapacitated, the court removes that individual’s rights to make decisions regarding their own affairs, and a guardian is appointed to protect the individual. Our office can assist you through this entire process to ensure your loved one has the legal representation he/she deserves in times of need.

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